So I have a question for you….Pls answer

21 Jan

So a question for everyone. By this time most of you know how much I love the kitchen. And I think there are a lot like me. I mean not infatuated, obsessed, think about food all day, meditate on the what`s for dinner question….Oh sorry, that would be me but you know what I mean. My question, what are 3 things you always need to have in your fridge/pantry, not counting salt & pepper. Mine are onions, garlic & siracha or other hot sauce. Let me know yours!!

33 thoughts on “So I have a question for you….Pls answer

  1. Onions, garlic, scallions, tomatoes, romaine lettuce, Mexican four cheese blend, butter, eggs, chipotle mayo, shoya, edamame and of course, red wine!

  2. Butter[do the first 3 letters indicate the results–sorry just noticed] my favorite slotted spoon-and an idea

  3. Spinach & tomatoes & basil (chicken or tofu, or fish as my go to protein).
    Oh shoot, you said 3!?! (I’m Italian so I have to have pasta of some kind too)!
    Dang, now I’m really breaking your rule Tez, sorry!

  4. Your three are staples. I also am feeling lost without, or always reaching for olive oil, curry, and some really good pasta almost any day.

  5. Yeast (for bread baking), butter (for, well, just about everything), extra sharp cheddar cheese … also fresh eggs (luckily my new landlord has chickens), good dark chocolate and my mom’s raspberry jam …

    It’s great fun reading your blog, and your post about Tante’s corn pudding made me smile all day. Thanks and take care!

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