Asi & Asado

4 Nov


Asi & Asado

Ok so this is one that falls into more the mainstream side, easy to find and consistently does a really great job. Located on the ocean side of the highway between San Jose Del Cabo and Cabo San Lucas (near Costco) this is an easy one to find.

The focus here is tacos (shocking I know) & I think the stars of the show is the quality of ingredients and  variety of fresh salsas. A personal favorite are their tacos campechanos which are filled with ribeye & chorizo. Not your thing, not to worry. They also have a variety of seafood, chicken, pork or vegetarian selections. All of their tacos are delivered

naked at which time you make your way to the salsa bar and dress how you wish. Salsas range from mild to mind blowingly hot, fresh or roasted, chunky or smooth. In addition to the salsas you will find roasted peppers, cool cucumbers, pinto beans etc.

In addition they also serve a variety of cervesas as well as soft drinks and excellent bottomless agua de Jamaica

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  1. I saw that they are opening a new location in the Walmart Shopping center parking lot (over near car wash corner) in Cabo San Lucas.

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