my photoHi!! I’m Tez, lover of all things food and food related. This is my simple man`s plan to healthier eating blog.
I am originally from the east coast of the United States growing up in North Carolina, Virginia, New Jersey & Connecticut and then moving to the Seattle area for a number of years. Since 2001 I have been fortunate enough to live and work in beautiful Los Cabos, Mexico.
I don`t remember exactly when I developed a passion for being in the kitchen but have found it a great place to unwind, think, not think and simply play with food.
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My inspiration for this blog actually came from my kids. I have 3 daughters who are now out of the house & in college or high school. My oldest starting calling, I`m having people over for dinner and asking how do I make this or do this? What do I need to buy, how should this look, what does minced mean etc etc. You get the picture. Well, step by step with pictures was my answer & here we are.
My likes in the kitchen are pretty mixed but am drawn heavily towards healthy, mostly clean eating comfort food.  Mexican, Italian, BBQ , and definitely anything pork (you can have bacon in a salad) related are high on the list. The recipes featured are typically not technical so that the majority of anyone can cook, mix, produce and hopefully enjoy.  Many of these are also relatively quick to prepare making them good choices for all the business that is life.

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  2. Congrats Tez on such a successful site!! The look of the dishes are impeccable and the feel of the site is really awesome, very easy to cook along to. Can’t wait to visit Cabo and case de Abbott again to try out some of the delicacies! Felicidades!

  3. Congrats Tez on a such a successful site!! The look of the dishes are impeccable and the feel of the site is awesome, really easy to cook along. Hopefully I’ll be back in Cabo soon enough to visit case de Abbott and try some of these delicacies out!

  4. Hey Tez!! Huge congrats to you!! You are one of my kitchen heroes, and I will be following your blog!! It might not be super healthy, but can you “please, pretty please” share the recipe for your Costa Azul Famous corn pudding? Or if I you want to keep it a secret, can you drop off a huge pan at our house for Christmas?
    Either way works for me!! Haha

    • Thanks so much Muriel!! No worries, I was actually thinking about posting that recipe so you just confirmed it:)) I`ll share the recipe this week.

  5. Thanks Tez for sharing all of your delicious plates!!!! You are just amazing. Those quick dishes you pull together when I roll in last minute to your house are better than any restaurant in town!!!! Keep on sharing, I always love new ideas.

  6. Thank you for putting this blog together!! You know Bill and I are huge fans of you and your endeavors, especially your FOOD!!
    Thanks for sharing some amazing recipes…more please!

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